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Right to Counsel Housing Representation

A recently-passed Right to Counsel housing ordinance has allowed LAWO to expand our program in assisting Toledoans facing eviction and other housing stability issues.

Special Projects Outreach Office at JFS

LAWO’s Special Projects Outreach Office has returned to the Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services and is welcoming prospective clients.

Juanita's Story

When the opposing party objected to Juanita’s civil protection order, she did not know how to proceed to keep her family safe.

Important Message About COVID-19

Legal Aid of Western Ohio (LAWO) is here to help people living in poverty for whom the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about swift and severe changes. They have lost employment by the thousands; many are facing the loss of their homes and health care and experiencing increased rates of domestic violence. While LAWO’s physical offices are closed during this stage of the pandemic ...

Access LAWO Services at Toledo Municipal Court

Tenants with housing and debt collection actions in the Municipal Court have onsite access to LAWO’s services.


There are funds available to help tenants pay any rent they owe to their landlords which will ensure their landlords are made whole.

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Everyone deserves enough food on their table

SNAP is a federal program that provides allotments for food purchases to low income households in Ohio. 

New unemployment benefits available for Ohioans

Unemployment rates remain high in Ohio during the COVID 19 pandemic. While some important unemployment benefits temporarily expired in 2020, new assistance is now available through the Continued Assistance to Unemployed Workers Act (CAA), which is an extension of the CARES Act unemployment provisions.

Rashanda's Story

When the pandemic unexpectedly changed her hectic work schedule, Rashanda prioritized her health and made the difficult decision to leave her employment. 

Lauren's Story

After enduring years of abuse, Lauren’s anxiety is so severe she can rarely leave her home and becomes very nervous about talking with people.

Dave's Story

When Dave’s brother tried to request a state hearing regarding the Medicaid denial, he was not allowed to do so; the form designating him as Dave’s authorized representative had been lost.