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Fairness in Education

Fair and equitable education can help children in low income families escape poverty. All children deserve access to a quality education that provides equal opportunities. We work on behalf of children of color, children with disabilities, children who have experienced trauma, and the children of agricultural workers. Some school districts deny educational opportunities to children who require additional support to participate fully in the classroom. There are disparities in the quality of education, often dictated by a child’s zip code, that reinforce and promote generational poverty. We advocate for children to get the services they need to succeed in school. We see too many suspensions and expulsions and schools that too often call the police instead of using educational interventions. We advocate for changes in statewide and school district laws, policies and practices that meet the needs of children. Our work helps parents and children on their path to succeed in life and in school. 

Areas of Legal Practice and Advocacy: Combatting unfair or discriminatory practices| Suspension & Expulsion Defense | Racial Justice | English Learner education | Disability Rights | Special Education | Educational stability for children who are homeless or in foster care | Community Lawyering projects for educational success | Parent Education and Empowerment 

"Justice is a mandate that everyone have an opportunity for education.” --Retired Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger

The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation was previously known as the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation.

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