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Housing Justice & Community Economic Development

Everyone needs a safe and secure place to live. For low-income individuals and families, finding and keeping a safe and affordable place to live often is challenging. LAWO helps our clients in a variety of housing situations. We help tenants involved in disputes with their landlords, including conditions issues, rent escrow matters, and evictions. LAWO will help people attempting to find subsidized housing or facing a termination of their housing subsidy. We work with communities attempting to increase and improve housing options for their residents.

Areas of Legal Practice and Advocacy: Neighborhood Stabilization | Racial Justice | Tenants Rights | Eviction Defense | Housing Subsidy Preservation | Affordable Housing Preservation | Foreclosure Defense | Disaster Recovery | Lead Poising Prevention | Returning Citizen 

frozen water pipe turned to off position

Water Shut-off During Pandemic

Creekside's Story

When water service was shut off to over 50 residents of Creekside Mobile Home Park in early February 2021, LAWO attorneys filed for an emergency temporary restraining order with the court to compel restoration of service.

Community Action Partnership prevented eviction

Phillip's Story

Phillip Major* and his spouse, the parents of three minor children, were both employed as independent contractors with a company that sold fixed rate utility bill plans door-to-door. Mr. Major and his spouse both lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 shut-down and fell behind on their rent.

Funding Partners

CDBG & Toledo Municipal Court