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Juanita's Story

woman with two children, smiling

Juanita* represented herself at a hearing for a domestic violence civil protection order and succeeded in obtaining an order naming herself and her children as protected parties. When the opposing party objected, she did not know how to proceed and how best to keep her family safe. Legal Aid of Western Ohio helped Juanita respond to the objections, and the Court rejected them. The opposing party then appealed the Court decision.  LAWO also helped Juanita with the appeal, and her civil protection order was again upheld. 

While Juanita was waiting for a decision on her appeal, the opposing party was finally arrested after a year-long investigation; he is currently facing multiple felony counts for the incidents which caused Juanita to file for a civil protection order. LAWO is also representing Juanita as a crime victim to assert and protect her rights as well as her children’s rights in the criminal proceeding. LAWO was able to assist Juanita across various courts to ensure that she and her children were kept safe and protected.

*Names have been changed to protect the client’s privacy. 

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