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Right to Counsel Housing Representation

A recently-passed Right to Counsel housing ordinance has allowed LAWO to expand our program in assisting Toledoans facing eviction and other housing stability issues.

Special Projects Outreach Office at JFS

LAWO’s Special Projects Outreach Office has returned to the Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services and is welcoming prospective clients.

RISE Project helped enforce Susan's rights

When Susan's abuser violated the protection order, LAWO advocated for her rights.

SAFE: Services to End Domestic Violence Against Women with Disabilities

In 2019, LAWO was awarded $450,000 by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, for the Disability Grant Program. With the grant funds, LAWO created the Safety and Accessibility for Everyone (SAFE) project, a three year project based in Lucas County. LAWO is partnering with ABLE and Bethany House to identify and eliminate organizational barriers that inh ...

RISE Project: Rights in Systems Enforced

In 2004, President George W. Bush signed into law the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA) which sets forth specific rights for victims in federal criminal courts.  At the state level, victims’ rights can be found in more than 30 state constitutions and every state’s statutes.  In addition, many tribal codes afford victims’ rights. While these legislative efforts demonstrate great ...

Celebrating the Center for Equal Justice

The Center for Equal Justice has stood as a beacon of hope for over 10 years at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Huron Street in Toledo. It offers hope for people who are economically disadvantaged and need legal help that they otherwise would go without – legal help to protect their homes, safety, and access to education and to resolve other life-changing legal problems. Th ...


Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (LAWO) wants seniors to understand their legal rights, avoid abuse and victimization, and protect their safety, assets, income, and independence. 

Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid eligibility limits are updated annually. Household size and total income determines eligibility for Medicaid.

Work Requirements for Medicaid

The federal government has granted permission for Ohio to create a work requirement for Medicaid.

Legal help for low-income Ohioans just a click away

It recently got easier for low-income Ohioans residing in the thirty-two Legal Aid of Western Ohio serves to get help with their legal issues. LAWO’s Legal Aid Line has an updated online application that will make applying for legal help from anywhere there is an internet connection, using any device, at any time, just a click away. The updated application is mobile friendly. ...

Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. LiveChat Project!

Do you have one hour a month to help ensure that low income persons in your community have access to an attorney? Join Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. LiveChat Project! Low income persons residing in LAWO’s service area seeking answers to legal questions or advice about eviction, housing conditions, return of security deposit, debt collection, car repossession, wage garnishme ...

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