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RISE Project helped enforce Susan's rights

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LAWO assisted Susan with obtaining a Civil Stalking Protection Order (CSPO) against her abuser, who had been convicted of telecommunications harassment. The opposing party (OP) began to violate the CSPO within a few months of it being ordered by the court. We explained to Susan that the OP was violating the protection order, both civilly and criminally, as well as violating the terms of his probation by contacting her. Susan decided that she wanted to inform the probation department of the OP’s violations in attempt to get the contact to stop.

We  advocated on Susan’s behalf, as part of her RISE case, that the OP’s probation should be revoked.  After repeated emails and phone calls to the probation department, the Court scheduled a probation revocation hearing. We appeared on Susan’s behalf at that hearing, and the Court changed OP’s probation from unsupervised to supervised, ordered that he complete a three-part alcohol treatment program, and required OP to wear a SCRAM  bracelet.  As part of his supervised probation, the OP may now be subject to random alcohol  testing, and the Judge told OP on the record that he would send him to jail if he learned of any further violations.

Susan was worried that, if the OP saw her in person, it would add fuel to the OP’s obsession. Because of LAWO’s representation, she did not have to be present at the hearing. We were able to read Susan’s statement on the record so that her voice could be heard without putting her safety in jeopardy. 

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*This client’s name was changed to protect her privacy. 

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