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Lena's Story

When Lena*, a single mother raising three children, first walked into Legal Aid’s Outreach Office at Job and Family Services seeking legal help, she was facing an imminent eviction due to difficulties with paying her rent. Lena had called the same place home for over ten years, relying on a Section 8 voucher to make ends meet. Everything seemed to be going smoothly; her rent was up to date, and her subsidy was being processed without issues.

Things took a turn when Lena found herself in court threatened with eviction. The opposing side seemed disorganized, admitting to poor record-keeping, yet insisting that Lena needed to leave her home, which was set to be sold. Faced with the prospect of losing her shelter, Lena reluctantly agreed to vacate within 60 days to avoid facing yet another eviction notice.

As the deadline approached, a glimmer of hope appeared when the property was sold to a nearby owner who graciously invited Lena to remain in her home. With LAWO’s help, Lena's case was dropped and erased from her record, offering her a fresh start.

However, Lena’s challenges didn't end there. She received a notice threatening to terminate her housing voucher due to a missed inspection — one she had not been told about. Quickly taking action, Lena reached out to us again for assistance. We stood by her side during the termination hearing, where our efforts paid off as the hearing officer ordered a new inspection date, allowing Lena to keep her crucial voucher intact.

In the end, Lena emerged victorious, not only retaining her home, but also placing this chapter of uncertainty and legal troubles behind her.

*Name changed for privacy.

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