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LSC Releases 2022 Justice Gap Study

Every few years, the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) conducts an in-depth study documenting the significant legal needs disparities Americans living in poverty experience. The Justice Gap Study assesses the extent to which individuals and families seek and receive help and measures the shortfall between their civil legal needs and the resources available to meet those needs. 

The 2022 study, released on April 28 of this year, reveals that low-income households received no or inadequate legal help for a staggering 92% of all the civil legal problems that affected them substantially. These problems included basic needs such as safe housing, access to health care, child custody, and protection from abuse. The study also found that civil legal problems are widespread, with 74% of low-income households experiencing at least one in the past year, and 39% experiencing five or more.

What does this mean for non-profit law firms like Legal Aid of Western Ohio? The study is a clear indicator that legal aid organizations are critical to addressing these disparities. With setbacks like the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are experiencing financial setbacks and civil legal issues affecting their quality of life. We remain committed to assisting eligible folks with their civil legal needs in western Ohio and appreciate the research and funding LSC provides to continue this impactful work. If you would like to support our work throughout our 32-county service area, click here.

Read the complete 2022 Justice Gap Study here.


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Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc.

Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc.

Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. (LAWO) is a non-profit regional law firm that provide high quality legal assistance in civil matters to help eligible low-income individuals and groups in western Ohio achieve self reliance, and equal justice and economic opportunity.